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Ryan & the Del Rays

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November 15, 2004: Ryans Jazz Thanksgiving song "Thanksgiving (Baby)" is available to download now on the Music Downloads page. A spiffy number just in time for the holidays. And due to popular demand, a couple rare, early Christmas tracks will also be available for download shortly, so check back. In the meantinme we'll try to keep the Gigs page updated..lots of shows coming up, so keep an eye on it.

September 14, 2004: Long time, no update! Ryan has been busy commuting between the Twin Cities and Grand Rapids. He's "networking" with others in the music/recording industry in the Cities, preparing to start college in January (Recording Engineer and Studio Business courses), writing songs, filling in with other bands as both a drummer and a bass player, and working out ideas for the new CD project which is underway slowly. Some fun shows coming up in the next few months, keep in touch on the "Gigs" page for information.

BREAKING NEWS! After considerable thought Ryan has decided to make TWO special items available to web page visitors and fans (and wannabe fans for that matter). Available EXCLUSIVELY thru this web page, a LIVE VHS Video AND a LIVE show CD recording. The plan here is not to make money on these, but to simply share some of the fun with those who can't get to the area to see Ryan and the Del-Rays live. The video runs over an hour long and includes Ryan with The Soul Mates live at Floyds Bar in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Some titles from this show include Empty Arms, The Thrill is Gone, Let the Goodtimes Roll, Mustang Sally, and many others. Also on this same video are some great tunes from this Aprils performance at Dales Bar in Coleraine. This includes several of Ryans most popular live songs including It'll All Make Sense, Pride and Joy, The acapella Be Your Husband, and the debut performance of the up and coming hit song and dance craze the "Caterpillar Death Roll". Note that the video is NOT a professional production by any means, but still a great chance to crank it up and enjoy Ryan and the boys LIVE. Cost of this video is $6.00 in the USA, $12.00 overseas AND THAT INCLUDES SHIPPING. These prices just cover the cost of tape and mailing envelopes and postage. Grab 'em and enjoy.

ALSO available, a CD of Ryan and the Del-Rays performance at the Showcase Music Hall in Finlayson, MN last fall. Recorded live with minimal editing, and provided by Chris O'Brien and Cohorts, who shared the stage with Ryan that night. This CD contains ALL the songs performed that night, just over an hours worth. Sure..there are a few bad musical moments here and at any real, live show, but the band was definitly "on" this night and area fans have considered this one of their best live shows of last year. Complete with booming gymnasium ambiance and screaming girls. The price? A measley THREE BUCKS! Yup..3 lousy dollars gets you this fun, live CD. No fancy production, no fancy pre-printed inserts, just rockin' fun.

How do you buy this stuff? Two ways. Send the dough to Ryan and the Del-Rays, Box 481, Bovey, Minnesota, 55709. OR use Paypal sent to Ryans e-mail: and we'll get 'em in the mail right away. Support the band, enjoy the tunes, and realize you don't have to pay big bucks for a good time!

May 23, 2004: Been a loooong time since a web page update, but it's worth it. Lots of new stuff here, but first the news. Welcome new bass player to the line up, Jim Moore. There will be more about Jim soon as we get his bio up on the "Bios" page. Former bass player Joe is moving off to college. The new CD project is well under way, with 5 songs "in the can" as they say, recorded once again at First Generation Studios in Minnetonka (where the entire last CD was produced). More tracks for the new CD will be recorded at Sacred Heart Studio in Duluth, a truely incredible facility in what used be a church, now over 100 years old. There are a few pics of Ryan visiting the facility on the new Photo Page 4 (where you can also spy Jim playing bass). Be sure to check the download page for LOTS of new stuff including "Empty Arms" with Ryan sitting in with the Soul Mates at Floyds Bar in Chanhassen, MN this past winter. Also a download of Ryan doing "Be Your Husband" a vocal solo, accompanied only by clapping and foot stomping. Recorded at Dales Bar in Coleraine this past April. The song was originally an old spiritual recorded by Nina Simone. Ryan discovered the tune performed by Jeff Buckley, and does his own interpretation. You'll also find a download of "Even if Tomorrow" a song from the forthcoming CD. This version is raw unmixed tracks, right from the studio. What we like to call a "dump mix" used strictly to analyze the performance and decide if any tracks neex to be redone. Playing bass on this track is Sean Woods, friend of Ryan from Grand Rapids High School. Sean played with the Del-Rays during the transition between Joe and Jim. I'll let the cat out of the bag a bit here too....coming on the new CD is a new tune titled "The Caterpillar Death Roll". Certain to be a hit single and the newest dance crazy. Everyone will forget about the Twist, the Mashed Potato, the Swim, the Jerk, and even line dancing when this new song and dance is released. There's even talk about producing a VIDEO from the song. Speaking of video, there is also a short video clip of Ryan playing "Crosscut Saw" at Dales Bar in Coleraine available on the downloads page. Ryan is concentrating most effort toward completing the new CD, so live shows are few and far between right now, but check back often and check the upcoming shows page.

February 24th, 2004: Ryan will be in the studio this weekend working on a new CD single to be released VERY soon to radio, media, and the PUBLIC! I'm not lettin' anymore out than that right now. SHORT NOTICE GIGS ALERT!!! This Saturday night (Feb 28th), Ryan will sit in with the Soulmates at Floyds Bar in Victoria, Minnesota (just 5 minutes from Chanhassen). Then, this Monday night March 1st, Ryan will join Lisa Wenger and the Mojo Band on stage for the Monday night Blues Jam at the Minnesota Music Cafe in St. Paul. So if you have a chance, come on out and join us! Watch for news on the Cd single release soon. This will be a sneak peak at the new CD that's in the works.

February 14, 2004: Photo Gallery three is up! Photos from Lafondas in Eagan, Grandmas in duluth and New Years Eve at Larosa's in Grand Rapids. Plan ahead if you're in the area for a show at Dales Bar in Coleraine on April 30th. Many other gigs in the works to be officially announced soon..including the Twin Cities metro area and Grand Rapids. Details to come soon. Ryan has also been working on a lot of new songs and especially some incredible solo numbers for the coffee shop scene. Stay tuned for details. Lots of great stuff coming up in the next few months, so join the ride and spread the word!

November16, 2003: After the "Afternoon Clean-Up Crew" on KOZY radio discussed on the air that there just weren't any Thanksgiving songs, Ryan quickly rose to the occasion and wrote one. In the jazz/blues tradition, we present "Thanksgiving (Baby)". Which is available for downloading on the mp3 download page. This song will be available ONLY from this web site, and ONLY till the end of November. Written in 10 minutes and recorded in half an hour in Ryans studio, it's a fun little ditty to add to your holiday music lineup. And don't forget the two Christmas tunes on the download page available till the end of the year.

Remember if you're in the Twin Cities area Ryan & the Del-Rays will be playing at Lafondas in Eagan the day after Thanksgiving. It's a 9:30 - 12:30 three set show. LaFondas is at 3665 Hiway 13 in Eagan. If you need directions call 'em at 651-452-0334. And also remember that we want EVERYONE at LaRosas in Grand Rapids for New Years Eve!

November 8, 2003: Get Ready to Rock in the NEW YEAR! The deal is done, and Ryan & the Del-Rays will rock LaRosa's in Grand Rapids on New Years Eve! One of the top party spots in the area. Show from 9 - 1. If you're from out of town book at room at the adjacent Rainbow Inn for a GREAT New Years! Also note the show in the Twin Cities at LaFondas Resturant & Sports Cantina on November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving! If you're in the metro area take a break from the shopping stress and rock with Ryan & the Del-Rays. That same weekend we'll be heading back into First Generation Studios to get our NEXT CD project underway! The Battle of the Bands was great at Grandmas in Duluth. Since it's a 25 week long event, with semi finals and finals still to come we have no clue how we're doing, but scores should be available shortly. Great club....with hardwood floor, plenty of room to dance, and a life size real SAILBOAT and AIRPLANE hanging from the ceiling! Check it out when you're in Duluth and tell 'em you want Ryan & the Del-Rays back to play again SOON! Ryan also debuted his new Gretsch guitar at this show. Our official "Band Photographer" decided to go "off duty" for the show at Grandmas..then decided to grab a couple shots with a disposable camera since the place was so cool. Few snapshots are in the new Photo Gallery Three!

October 21, 2003: Photo gallery number TWO has been uploaded! Have a look at snapshots from the Palace Casino Gig! Added to the show schedule is Friday November 28th, at Lafonda's Restaurant in Eagan, Minnesota! There will be other shows at this same venue as well. Looks like a GREAT New Years Eve show formulating at a popular night spot in Grand Rapids. Details once things are finalized. If you haven't joined the amiling list, do so! Fill out the form above. You'll get all this news right in your e-mail! Wepromise NO SPAM and we won't give your address to anyone in this solar system!

October 9, 2003: BIG SHOW ALERT! Ryan and the Del Rays are playing as part of the Battle of the Bands at Grandma's Sports Garden in Duluth! This is a 25 week event with a new band each week, complete with judges and everything. It's out turn Thursday, November 6th. We hit the stage at 9:30 for two blazing sets. We'll be super pumped for a GREAT show! Coming later in November, finally, a show in the Twin Cities! At a resturant in Eagan. Can't announce it officially until we confirm the date, but it will be a rockin' time in the big city, and we're also going to get into Johnny-O's studio in Minnnetonka in the same trip to start recording our next CD! Note that the links page is FINALLY up and working, with lots more links to come. !

September 23, 2003:

The shows at the Palace Casino were great fun. Soon we'll be posting some photos after we get Gallery 2 started. Lots of area shows in the works for the next couple months. Watch the Gigs page for lots of updates very soon. Also compiling some new songs for a second CD project hopefully getting started this winter. Now available till the end of the year only on the song downloads page, two CHRISTMAS songs that Ryan and Kevin recorded over 3 years ago! Head over and download the mp3's today and be ready for the season! Oh..and we've added a brand new super nifty mailing list! It's right above this. Just fill in your e-mail and sign up and you'll get all the latest news right in your e-mail. We promise we won't fill your box with lunch meat (I mean..spam...) and never ever pass your e-mail on to any other evil person or persons who want to refinance your home, or enlarge any parts of your body.

August 16, 2003:

The show at the Finlayson Showcase Music Hall was a blast, despite a small crowd. (I suspect that's what happenes when you plan a show on interstate 35 just an hour from the Bayfront Blues Festival on the same weekend!). Ryan & the Del-Rays were well received, and will be back in the near future for another show. Chris O'Brien and Cohorts were there along with American Gypsy. Matt from the Cohorts had a nifty digital recording system set up and recorded the show. Turned out kinda boomy (the hall is a converted school gym). Among the show highlights Ryan debuted a new song "Wanna Treat You Right" (click the title for the lyrics). Download and listen to the *LIVE* recording on the song downloads page! of the song from the live show recording! EXCLUSIVELY here on the web site! This song will be on Ryans next CD (very early in the planning stages), but right here you can hear him LIVE and hear a NEW tune! Give it a listen and E-Mail Ryan and give him your review! And take note, Ryan & the Del-Rays will be back at the Showcase Music Hall later this fall. Keep[ an eye on the Gigs page!

July 16, 3003:

Exciting gigs coming up! See the schedule! Palace Casino in Cass Lake, Showcase Music Hall in Finlayson, lots more. Get out and see the boys kick some blues butt! Also check 'em out now on too. For those of you who would like to buy a CD in an actual STORE you can visit the Electric Fetus in Duluth, Brewed Awakenings in Grand Rapids, Radio Shack in the Central Square Mall in Grand Rapids, Northwoods Guitars in Superior, WI, Rupar Music in Hibbing, and all 6 Cheapo Records locations in the Minneapolis/St.Paul Area. Remember to support your local independent music stores!

June 24, 2003

Ryan & the Del-Rays sounded great on Blues Deluxe. If you missed it you can hear an "air check" by following the link from the song downloads page. We edited out the song and misc talking to save web space, but the clip is there. We haven't seen a copy yet, but according to people ordering CD's there was a good revue in the Blue Suede News. The "Absolute Custom" CD is now available in all 6 Cheapo Records locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We can also now add Germany and Poland to countries with radio playing the new CD! Incidentally, Ryan is spending this week at the Univertisy of Illinois at the Bands of America summer music symposium, playing jazz guitar. Cool, man.

June 9, 2003

Lots of exciting news. The CD release party was a success. Lots of folks, sold some CD's and a good time was had by all. You can hear a mntage of the evenings fun and frolic on the song download page. The BIGGER news is that Ryan & the Del-Rays will be on BLUES DELUXE radio program the week of June 22nd. This is a weekly syndicated show that is heard on over 100 radio station in the US and Canada with a weekly audience of about 3 MILLION people! You can find a listing of stations on the Blues Deluxe website. Different stations run the program on different days and time so as they say, check your local listings! Also, Ryan has nifty mini bumperstickers available. Send a SASE and a buck for two of 'em and stick 'em where they count! Ryan & the Del-Rays, P. O. Box 481, Bovey, MN 55709 They good quality stickers, not crummy paper that will disintegrate and get ugly! They look like this......

May 18th, 2003

The CD release party will be held at Brewed Awakenings Coffee Shop in Grand Rapids, Minnesota Saturday June 7th. Should get going about 6:30 PM. More info on the GIGS page.

Order your "ABSOLUTE CUSTOM" CD NOW!!! Info on the CD ordering page! You can also order from Just click on the cute little baby below!

Ryan and Kevin welcome bass player Joe Downing to the Del-Rays. The trio lives! No more fill ins. Watch for photos coming SOON!

Ryan & the Del-Rays will play on the main stage for Bovey Farmers Day, Monday September 1st 2003. Often billed as the "Bovey Worlds Fair" this huge even virtually closes main street and fills the town with thousands of people! If you're in the area stop by our little town! Lots of other great gigs coming up this summer, remember to stay up to date!

May10th, 2003

It's so close now we can taste it! The master was delivered from the studio and it's on it's way to the "replicator" as they call it now. We anticipate announcing release and availability right here on May 19th. If you're going to mail order this will be the FASTEST way to get the new CD, as we'll ship them directly at $15.00 which will include mailing costs. If you really want one FAST you can pre-order and we'll ship them the same day we get 'em, right to your door. Just send $15 in cash, check or MO to Ryan & the Del-Rays, Box 481, Bovey, MN 55709, or send via Paypal to: We'll confirm your order and ship the day they come in. Or you will be able to order from

Our list of retail outlets is growing and CD's will be available in Grand Rapids, Duluth, Minneapolis, and Hibbing in Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin. A full list of retail locations will be listed when the CD is actually on the shelves. Watch for a review and our ad in the Summer issue of the Blue Suede News. (We have no idea what the review will say, but it's a great magazine nonetheless)

Friday night, May 9th Ryan got to share the stage with the Lamont Cranston Blues Band in Grand Rapids, MN. Most of you probably know who LC is, but if not, Pat Hayes put together the band like 30+ years ago, and they are among the top blues bands in the midwest. As you probably know, Mike Carvale is their bass player and also played on Ryans new CD. Last half of the last set Pat invited Ryan on stage to play, and play he did. Pat had never heard Ryan play before, and Ryan got on stage, plugged in, played a few licks and Pat announced to the crowd...."...this kid is one bad ass mother..." Ryan stayed on stage till the end of the show, including the encore, and was given plenty of opportunities to solo and strut his stuff. I think we can count on more moments in the spotlight with Lamont Cranston! Find Photos of Ryan onstage with LC in the Photo Gallery

April 24th 2003

It won't be long now! Final mix has been approved for the new CD which will be titled "Absolute Custom" Mastering is underway. The covers/liners are at the print shop. Ryans new songs are registered at the copyright office and registered with ASCAP. Several retail outlets in Minnesota are waiting for CD's. We're working on setting up an evening of Ryan live in the studio on KAXE radio in Grand Rapids to talk music and talk about the new CD. Once the date is set we'll have it posted here. There *may* be a few exciting live performances coming up shortly..details here as we finalize them. The new CD has 14 tunes, 8 1/2 of them are originals (you'll have to wait for the CD to find out about the half!). Tentative dates have been talked about for a CD release party, most likely at Brewed Awakenings/MacRostie Art Gallery in Grand Rapids. Date and time to be announced. Check back right here OFTEN as there will be lots of news over the next couple weeks.

April 1, 2003

Johnny is busy working on the final mixes for our approval. Been busy shooting the cover and liners for the CD inserts, taking care of final copyright paperwork and getting the graphics for the CD put together. Still shooting for a late April release. There are just a few of the first home-made CD's left from last summer. Once they're gone there probably won't be any more as we'll be focused on the new CD project. If you want one of the first CD's better get 'em now. You can order from this page or from Same price either way but they charge shipping, and direct from Ryan shipping is included. Call your local public, college, and blues radio stations and ask for Ryan and the Del-Rays. When they say they've never heard of them point them to this web page and we'll get it to 'em. Be sure to ask in your local independent record stores too. Even if you've already bought a CD or two, ask in the store anyway, so they know people want 'em and we can get 'em in more stores.

March 2nd 2003

Ryan spent another couple days at the studio putting the finishing touches on the CD project. Doing guitar solos, harmonica and some harmony vocals. Everything is coming togther nicely and the next step will be the final mixing...hopefully sometime later in March. Just keep on scrolling down for previous news update and photos. Below are a few snapshots from this past weekend. Hopefully we'll be shooting the CD cover in the next couple weeks and getting on the final artwork and printing. Won't be long now and this baby will be ready to hit the stores, radio stations and CD players around the world!

Ryans first CD is of course available for sale on this web page, and can also be ordered thru The new CD will also be available here and there...but will be available soonest right here on this web page. The first CD has been reviewed in the Blue Suede News (a great mag..if you don't get it sign up now!) This has resulted in requests for the CD from blues radio programs on stations in Argentina, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, Australia and even the USA!

December 28, 2002

The new CD project is underway. While most kids spend their Christmas vacation playing with new toys, or hanging out with friends and wondering what to do next, Ryan and Kevin were in Minneapolis recording a new CD! A full blown pro-studio project. With the expert guidance of Johnny O'Keefe owner of First Generation Studios in Minnetonka, Ryan and Kevin have jumped head first into this project. Joining them in the studio on bass is Mike Carvele of the Lamont Cranston Blues Band, and a veteran player for many other recording projects. The new CD will feature mostly original tunes and a few of Ryans favorites from other bluesmen. An early spring release is expected for the new album, but stop back here often to the *NEWS* page and we'll have some photos from the sessions and maybe....just maybe.....some sound bites from the project. Talks are also underway with a Minneapolis based record company for regional distribution! Stay tuned....... Photos from the recording sessions are in the Photo Gallery

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