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It's HOT, it's NEW and it's ready for YOU!

Ryan & the Del-Rays "ABSOLUTE CUSTOM" CD

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For more information about the CD itself read the "Latest News" link. To place an order right now and get one on it's way to YOU send $15.00 check, MO or even cash to:

Ryan & the Del-Rays

P. O. Box 481

Bovey, MN 55709

Be sure your shipping address is included and LEGIBLE! Price includes shipping in the USA.

For those of you wanting FASTER delivery use your credit card or checking account and pay instantly via PAYPAL to

OR Shoot right over to and order Just click....

Clips of ALL the songs on the CD and lots more are waiting for you at CDBABY so pop on over and enjoy!

What are the critics saying about "Absolute Custom"?

Blue Suede News Magazine "It's clear from Ryans CD that blues music and blues/rock as a genre is in no danger of disappearing...Ryan should be able to go far and it's going to be interesting to listen to his evolution"

Bill Betz-Radio Disc Jockey "Tin Pan Alley is a frekkin' MASTERPIECE"

Amber-Ryans friend "Holy Crap!"

Pat Hayes-Lamont Cranston Blues Band "This kid is one bad ass mother"

Tim-Ryans Dad "Cripes man...turn it DOWN"

Dave Johnson-Host Blues Deluxe "Sounds a lot older in terms of playing quality and ability"

For a very limited time copies of Ryan & the Del-Rays first CD, the grassroots recording project from last summer, will be available while stock lasts. Once they're gone, they're GONE.

To order you can send a check or MO for $10.00 to:

Ryan Verthein

Box 481

Bovey, MN 55709

Or you can order thru Paypal by sending $10 to:

Shipping is INCLUDED!

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